zona artigianale, 8 39054 Collalbo (BZ)
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Casa Ploner - House for a young constructor
Collalbo (BZ)
The project consists in the partial demolition and new erection of an existing house. The conversion includes the overhaul of the offices on the ground floor and the construction of an apartment on first and second floor with a roof-deck. The removal of the gabled roof, the demolition of all partition walls and the modification of the existing apertures made way to redefine a new volume. Starting point for the conceptual design was the restructuring of the vertical plot plan. Two stirrups coin the south-fa├žade, which evolve from the rectangular floor plan, forming a balcony on the first floor, a sunscreen above the living room and a viewing pulpit on the roof deck. The partly canopied roof-deck provides shelter for a lounge. The turret-like building blends into the company's ensemble on its north side, is closed on its west side and opens up towards the south side with beautiful views on the dolomites. Photo: Davide Perbellini