zona artigianale, 8 39054 Collalbo (BZ)
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Workshop Renovation
Collalbo (BZ)
The project consists of the renovation and transformation of a workshop in the Alps. The owner, a sculptor and artist, wanted to rethink the inner organization and the light situation of the building. The large hall of the existing structure is separated by two parallel walls, forming three areas: a shared storage space in the center and two workspaces on each side. Every room has access to  a second level by way of a narrow staircase. The shelves are made of the old boards of the former ground floor. Three windows and one door were replaced by two large openings, the “light-catchers”. These elements cut through the porch and allow natural light to flood the room. Being less prominent in the lower part, the light-catchers extend through the roof in their upper section and collect daylight. The fins installed in the roof layer trace the old roof and its constructive parts, and provide shadow at the same time. Photo: meraner-hauser.com