zona artigianale, 8 39054 Collalbo (BZ)
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Grocery store
Collalbo (BZ)
Undulating meadows sloping gently in an eastward direction, nestle between a wooded hill and the bypassing road, shaping the surroundings of the site. A retaining wall surrounds the lot on the uphill side. Ascending in a westward direction, and falling off in the east, the wall embraces the site and closes southwards forming the boundary of the property. The building mainly consists in the sales room of the greengrocery, the flower shop and the administrative spaces. While the administrative spaces are located northwards, thus forming the backbone of the building, the sales room opens to the south. The roof rests on the building like a heavy slab, forming a covered forecourt to provide market-like situations. Generous cut-outs let the light trickle down through the flat roof, revealing it almost floating. The constraints between the outside, the covered forecourt and the inside blur. Interior design in collaboration with: Angelika Mair