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Magic Carpets, Nuit Blanche Taipei 2017
Taipei, Taiwan Power Company B.
Magic Carpets is a temporary intervention realized in the occasion of Nuit Blanche Taipei 2017. The projects deals with our understanding of drawn public space and its implications on people’s behaviors. Therefore, we decided to produce a series of urban drawings, meant as public colorful carpets to be placed in different areas of the Gongguan Campus of the National Taiwan University. The geometries reveal an interplay around the idea of tile, addressing issues of scale and modularity: each carpet, even though is clearly imagined as a compound of repeating and differentiated pieces - graphic tiles indeed - has a consistent aesthetics as a whole, framing a vocabulary of independent bigger urban elements. The success of the public event perfectly highlighted the linguistic nature of this “Magic Carpets”, conceptually and practically adaptable for many different spatial conditions.