Via Pistoiese 138, 59100 Prato
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Parco centrale di Prato
Prato, historical city center - third prize
The project "il Parco Centrale di Prato" has been developed with the Chilean studio ELEMENTAL and Teresa Moller Landscape Studio inside the framework of an international competition. Faced with the challenge of immigration, Italy asks itself whether it is possible that its cities reply to the international migration phenomenon with the archetype of the square and not with that of the wall. Towns have been filled with buildings over time. And now, urban voids are gaining more and more value. Will this urban void appear only after the demolition of the former hospital. Who would say that the destruction of something could create added value? Our proposed public space conveys the message that this acquiring of public value can be achieved by means that usually are considered worthless: discard, waste, detritus. This not only makes sense from an environmental perspective, but also from a symbolic point of view.