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Wien, Schwendermarkt - 15 district - special prize
Drawing public space is one of the five european projects selected for the Vienna Design Week, Stadtarbeit 2017. The project consisted in a work in progress workshop carried out in the selected location of Schwendermarkt in the center of the Focus District Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. The workshop aimed at investigating and triggering new social dynamics by redefining public space through the use of colored adhesive tape laid out to create a precise geometrical design. Drawing public space aim was to work towards the idea of appropriation of public space by its inhabitants. The playful act of creating a pattern operates at different levels: at the small scale it engages play and gathering of people while at a larger scale it creates a recognizable landmark inside the urban fabric. By strongly highlighting an already public space, the project’s intent is to add a layer of play, character and curiosity to a generic space.