Albania - Italy
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Fier - first prize
The project aims to increase those specific elements that characterize Fier’s identity, to achieve the reconstruction of a series of relationships that have conditioned the quality of life of its citizens: the city’s reconnection with the river Gjanica is sought through a link to its broader and more complex territory, towards transparency, usability and access to the coast. On the north shore of the river, the project proposes a linear park, while the southern one presents a new mixed use building coinceived as a public space itself. The project makes possible to travel through the whole area in various ways and speeds, keeping the old axes of the city, while the Europa Plaza becomes generator of a third axis as new element between north and south, where a new pedestrian bridge is added. Cornerstone of the whole system is a riverfront amphitheater, which allows people to enjoy the reclaimed shores of the Gjanica.