corso vittorio emanuele II 12 - Torino - Italy
project image
The apartment is a unit of a building of the late 50s in the center of Turin, a few steps from the Mole Antonelliana. From 2011, the year of birth of blaarchitettura, at the end of the different projects that involve us, one of our recurring activities is to evaluate how we can make our process more efficient. Over the years we have optimized issues related to the project and its phases, issues related to the relational aspects with the workers, but not less important, we continue to ask ourself how to optimize the construction methods and related techniques. It is really efficient a technique in which to build a wall, first it is built, secondly it is partially demolished to insert the systems, in the third place it is plastered and finally painted? During the construction of this project has not been used a single brick.