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Orizzonti Fluidi
Lucca - first prize
The "Orizzonti Fluidi" urban sculpture is the result of a competition organized by Cartasia Academy of Art for the Lucca's "International Biennial of Paper". The sculpture reinterprets the theme of Bauman's liquid society through a large Mobius ribbon, where ordinary surfaces move to a single surface that becomes internal and external. Like the society described by the sociologist, the sculpture "Orizzonti Fluidi " is in continuous transformation. One side and one edge, in a fluid casing that folds the horizons in a liquid spatiality. The crossable space becomes a window on the square, a point of reflection, and instant on the horizons of our time in continuous change. The sculpture was executed in 5 working days using a metal structure to form the inner core, and several layers of different types of paper were juxtaposed until the structure were completely coated.