via Pertini 12- San Marco in Lamis - FG
project image
The project of setting-up of the terrace for public events “Cosmos” is born from the need to get a public space, within a rural context, where organize outdoor events and parties. The Cosmos terrace is a panoramic spot on the Apulian valley, the “Tavoliere”, able to read together the elements of the territory and the same cosmos: a chain of circular lounges resembles the figure of the stars that make up the constellation of the Minor Bear, creating place to stay for meditating panorama and stars. The circles, obtained from the recycle of pallets used for the transport of goods, re-read the constellation that for thousands of years has led navigators, farmers, artists and men seeking their own North. The same constellation that for centuries has illuminated the “trabucco”, a typical local structures devoted for coastal fishing, which in this installation is revived by the chestnut poles rising to the sky supporting the lighting system.