via Pertini 12- San Marco in Lamis - FG
project image
The project of a wine cellar hall, Litos, was born as a restoration of an existent building used to be a garage. The new program for this space concerns about a wine cellar used for the ageing of wine through the stacking of bottles, and the rest of wine within oak barrels. The space is conceived as a room within a room: the rigid orthogonal structure of pillars is broken by the new curvilinear wall that, as a mother womb, embraces and silently guards the wines while a long and patient process of ageing takes place. The emotional concept of Litos is a re-interpretation of the ground layers as in a descent across the subsoil: within the stratification, users can experience space starting from the layer of the humus and soil, till the stones that cover the curvilineal wall with a dry construction technology.