via Pertini 12 - San Marco in Lamis - FG-
project image
The morphology of the lot, the study of solar exposure and visual emergencies, constitute the "context constraints" in the definition of the master plan for the new organization of the school campus. From these constraints derive two main project actions: the densification of the urban front along the access axis; the preservation of the agricultural character and the creation of an "equipped void" imagined as an urban-urban park-boulevard for school use. The characterizing element of the project becomes the covering which ripples and raises along the main front and accommodates the different volumes below it. Under the slopes that refer to the mountain skyline, a large room with curvilinear profiles is the central focus for children: a "nest of creativity", open and transparent to the outer space of the court, becomes the space for experimentation and the art, for free activities, parties, meetin