Via Armando Diaz 52e - 01100 Viterbo
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SpatialConnection(s) Dario Donato designed ZStand for It’s Stone, a luxurious table stand for tablets carved from marble. ZStand has been mainly thought for yachts, hotels and luxury villas, valorizing their interiors. ZStand is a simple object with a complex geometry. The fluidity and ergonomy of its silhouette enhances the sculptural design, which pleases the sight as well as the touch. Just like a graceful manta’s fin movement, the base of the stand is shaped as a variable surface between its central and side parts, allowing the user to easily access the device in all its functions. The back of the stand was designed as direct correlation of the groove on the base, allowing an optimal inclination of the device while giving a vigorous tension between the vertical part and the base.