Via Armando Diaz 52e - 01100 Viterbo
project image
Sudtirol pavilion EXPO 2015
Milan - shortlisted
The project proposal wants to appoint a new urban experience of international class defined by a space fluid and dynamic, highly interactive, creating the necessary mix between user and exhibitor, going to define the structure as the physical place for a "market" common knowledge , exchange, business. The project is the landscape, the important morphology of the territory of South Tyrol, 70% mountainous, which located in the Dolomites of Sesto, a universal symbol, as well protected by UNESCO. The three massifs that rise with impetuosity of the valley, are a living element that seasonally changing her dress, and incorporate the dynamics of life, with the flow of streams, waterfalls, rivers ...and suddenly everything becomes so sculptural, precise, polished, pure white.