Via Armando Diaz 52e - 01100 Viterbo
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Perfect Dream Hotel
Jeddah - first prize
The project expresses two synergies and opposite languages, creating a V plan that open on the wings and vision verson the city, on the one hand, and the vision of converging towards the sea on the other. The hotel relates to the context in a rational and pure to the outside, and oppositamente increasing its entropy in space “in between” the two wings. The connecting element between the two outer wings where the rooms are arranged, creates an intimate space embryonic highly dynamic uses in shape and color. The surface of double curvature that is grafted as closing element, creates bridges, holes, configuring the front elevation as a soil ecological vertical. This vision is perceived even in outer space, the skin being realized according to a triangular mesh structure to glass elements. Our guest rooms & suites offer an inspiring environment; the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide breathtaking views of Jeddah.