Catania, Italy / Sedhiou, Senegal
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Monument in memory of the dead in the Sahara Deser
The monument wants to evoke a path of discovery, adventure and contemplation, as elements characterizing the migration phenomenon but at the same time values ​​that can create unity between peoples and cultures. The artistic installation is based on the realization of a forest of 250 local bamboo canes, with a diameter between five and 30cm, which draw a narrow path and embrace a central area aimed at contemplation, meditation, memory of the victims through the effect a perspective of the reeds that aim towards the sky. The bamboo rods metaphorically represent the broken lives, still at the bottom of the sea but which are blowing towards freedom thanks to the lightness of the material. The monument will therefore be livable and with a human dimension, with an internal path between the reeds and a small central area for contemplation.