Sobrado + Ugalde Arq.
Mexico City
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Real Hacienda III Cañada
The original California style house was located on a 2,625 sq m lot with 1,285 sq m constructed. After going over all the spaces we decided that for the intervention it was necessary to demolish the south area of the original construction, a large volume blocking all the light. The client asked for a smaller program with less sq m than the original one, this allowed us to cut some spaces and make the cuts that reflect in the southeast façade which is framed by a large garden. The house was on the higher level of the lot and did not have connection with the garden, this is why we created a terrace that joins all the areas and demarcates them with the tree tops of the back garden. The development of solid and glass volumes add a positive and negative move that gives rhythm to the façade, the solid blocks locate the private spaces and the glass ones the public areas.