corso vittorio emanuele II 12 - Torino - Italy
project image
The elements that generate the project are the use of existing walls and the creation of new ones through three lightweight elements with dual functions. A wooden element is situated in the center of the apartment and it has the function of kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. This element, completely white, is emptied in the central part by a birch frame that contains a link and a hob. An almost invisible door with a round handle (a water valve of the '30s) is the access to a small bathroom with laundry. The smaller room is adapted to a not demolished wall of the original house. The partition between the two rooms becomes on one hand a bedroom and on the other a bookcase for the living room. The bookcase is built according to the Golden Ratio. The large quadripartite window illuminates both rooms by using an opal glass partition.A third wooden element is extruded and subtracted into the bedroom creating a double function.