corso vittorio emanuele II 12 - Torino - Italy
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TORINO - first prize
The research for a bright space has been the first intention from the beginning. The second one has been the aim to reach an high quality in informal spaces applying care to the construction details and choice of materials. In the plan of the house, on double exposure East-West, took a dominant central position, a system defined by a wooden volume that totally redesigns spaces. It defines the fluxes and has the triple function of bath, shower and dressing. The dining area/kitchen has the intention of optimizing space through a "main deck" of a ship. The whole structure on different levels, make more space available for household objects and furnishings (double compared to a traditional solution). The masonry wall, found in existing solid bricks, which has been chosen to paint without to apply the plaster, has also been the conceptual item for a design of the internal doors. These doors have the intention to be independent elements