corso vittorio emanuele II 12 - Torino - Italy
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The area of Parco Sempione in Turin has always had a strong cultural identity and creative vocation, now needs a redefinition with a strong planning to provide spaces and structures to the new requirements for current and future users.The Project 211 CLOUD was born from the relationship established in 2012 with the Association Spazi Musicali of via Cigna 211. A four-year process of partnership led to the drafting of a definition for the future of Spazio 211 that ranks the final resolution in the project of Variante strutturale P.R.G.C. of Torino. The entire new structure is developed with the use of environmentally materials. The structure is composed of two concrete walls who define the entrance, north and south side. The most part of roof design can be opened, is arranged in laminated wood arches, strips, planks, and light curtain corrugated metal. The building is easy to build and it is designed to be built in a short time.