Via Nomentana 331, Roma
project image
Vertical Cemetery
Death is not contemporary. You do not get used to death. We claim that the death should be celebrated in a simple and eternal architecture. Our proposal responds to functional and emotional needs at the same time. It was necessary to create the fundamentals for celebrating the death in the middle of a not well-defined context. To protect the dead, to celebrate it, we chose a simple language, severe but playful. The remains of the bodies are located in the perimeter walls of the building, constituting its section. To reach them, a system of escalators and elevators that run through the different levels in order to guarantee a scenic view of the endless urban sprawl in a continuous vertical movement through death. At the top we complete our architecture, our tribute to death, with a clear and concise form. A crematorium, a chimney that send back to the city what the city has no more, its dead inhabitants.