Via Nomentana 331, Roma
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Search and destroy competition
Rome - second prize
Via dei Condotti and Via Tomacelli, represents an important orthogonal axis in opposition to the trident shape organization of the Campo Marzio. The ultimate design of this system was concluded in 1725 with the Spanish Steps inauguration. Nowadays, due to the disappearance of the baroques docks along the Tiber, the invasion of the “haute couture” fashion boutiques all along Via dei Condotti and mostly because of it’s mere commercial and touristic value, we feel the need to destroy in order to rebuilt. Our proposal could not be more obvious and at the same time provocative: a long tapis roulant with the purpose to reactivate the original Via dei Condotti/Via Tomacelli axis that leads to the Steps with a four ramps escalator. These ramps will allow, eventually, a fast and cutting fruition of the reborn urban pedestrian system.