Terni | Italy
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Stone City
Bolgare, Bergamo.
The stone, an elementary and archaic element, apparently silent and static, can also emit the sounds when it is brushed by the wind, generating sound landscapes. Sounds of water or fire, glass or metal that remind a familiar, but unknown time. Primordial memories, as if stones collected the whole history of humanity, and through a gesture kindly invite them to tell it. The idea comes from this concept, assuming as a generating element the stone, understood both as a natural material and as a living matter that can be transformed from man’s work, first into the quarry, then into the artisan’s workshop. The Stone City Headquarter has been thought of as a crystal emerging from a geode. The building is made up of a material flat, a steel structure covered by stone panels defining the garden and enveloping the irregular volume of the building where all the directional activities are located.