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MCTB Urban planning and residential complex
Caldogno (VI)
(IN PROGRESS) Urban planning. The base of the project is the study of the context and its critical points. The near Palladio's villa defines the preferential lines, free from visual obstacles. The urban layout is studied in order to emphasize main perspectives and lines. The resulting layout is a spider web of lineups and views. This urban examination is then bring back to the neighbour level. Some of the most fascinating and relevant urban paths and sights define the design at residential scale. The new building composition is determined by the maximum sun insolation and predominant urban orientation. Urban paths pervade the residential space, which is permeable from North to South at the inner level. The first and the third building face North, while the other face East in order that no one look the others back. Double skin facades are thought to keep high levels of privacy. (in collaboration with Mr.Franzon and AB+ architetti)