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PZR House
Renovation of an ancient house, probably built during the thirties. The mixed structure of the building, part stonework, part constructed with iron slab and column, is typical for the so-called railway-worker houses, usually developed during the same period. The previous configuration hides this mixed structure, especially the central ⌶-section column, that was covered with a wooden 'boiserie'. The renewal effects the general plan of the first floor, where some walls are demolished and replaced with the same steel gates structural forms. At the same time the central column is undressed from the wooden layer. All the naked pillars now highlight the structural lines. The new plan, based on the central pillar as divider factor for different functions, creates an added space: the greenhouse near the stairway. Also the staircase is made by iron and wood. The small profiles allow the light let through the steps and brights up the stairwell.