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ZBO Houses
Caldogno (VI)
The project is built around an icon, an ideal sample of Veneto’s road layout, whose graphic and conceptual elaboration gave birth to space and volume. The hierarchy of signs of the road diagram has a parallel in the structural and interior partitions. Local tracks on the maps were superimposed on the traces of the previously existing building to organize new layout of rooms, facades, overall pattern, construction details. Our intent was to give shape to a building that could be in a dialectical relationship with the place and time it occupies. From the road it appears as a two-story house. The basement, which is accessed through a narrow covered path on the courtyard at the North, stands a floor higher than the ground; this accommodates entrance drives, garages and cellars. The second floor comprises an attic with laundry and ironing room and grants access to the large open roof-garden, which offers a wide view on the surrounding land.