piazza Duomo n.2, Terni, Italy
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A school for Monsummano
Monsummano Terme
The school is a place where everyone has to pass. For this reason we have imagined the new Cintolese School as an open space to the environment. The shape of the school also takes its cue from a highly distinctive natural element : the fields. The idea was developed from the study of the context in which the new school will be built, which is an agricultural area located outside the town, at the edge of urbanization. The shape of the new school is open and permeable to the surrounding territory. The new complex scaled proposes the organization of a small town, with a central area where the socializing and aggregation functions are located, the places of encounter and exchange of ideas and experiences, around which we organize the places of the private lives of citizens, residences and closely related areas, in this case consisting of the classrooms.