piazza Duomo n.2, Terni, Italy
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Un museo per Pompei
Pompei - selected
We conceive the museum as a structure embedded in the context and with the history of Pompeii. A city linked to the famous Roman archaeological site. The city created on the intersection of important roads and close to the sea, became an obligatory from north to south. The idea is based on two aspects: the study of the geometric shapes of the sheets of silex, the paving of the Roman road, and the analysis of the archeological area of urban texture. The other element is the layout of the road network that distinguishes the archaelogical area of urban design, divided into sectors by the decumano higher, the lower decumano, the cardo and Mercurio’s street. The volumetric articulation of the project idea has been prepared with reference to the aspects mentioned above, operating a synthesis between the plastic forms of the basalt and the alignments of the road network of the ancient city.