piazza Duomo n.2, Terni, Italy
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Milan - second prize
The design is based on the analysis of the context in which we are to intervene, a heavily industrial peripheral area, subject to important transformations, characterized by the presence of imposing skyscrapers. Our design aims to redevelop the area, we can define a brownfield, without erasing the original vocation of the site, however, looking at the changes taking place. The urban mending operation is based on the revival of some characteristic aspects of industrial buildings: as the repetition of the structure and the shed roof. So that the building can be recognizable and innovative we hacked these two aspects, creating an alternation between full volume, always very light, almost ethereal and glass volume, of large greenhouses which, in addition to being important for the control of air quality inside, in the warmer periods of the year, they may open up, creating real green passageways between the volumes.