López Duplan Arquitectos
Monte Cárpatos 710 Interior 1, Col. Lomas de Virre
project image
Casa CSF
Mexico City
The lot shape is a basic rectangle and we adjusted the project to its size to get the most benefit from the space. On the facade 2 planes are clearly appreciated as part of the same volume. We decided to use stone as the main material to add strength and enhance the personality of the project. The second plane was softened with vegetation to mark the difference between both and define a gesture of the presence of nature throughout the design. For the hallway that leads to the main entrance we selected stone for the floor and the left wall creating a very special dynamic due to the characteristics and porosity of the material that contrasts with the wood on the right wall that gives warmth and joins to welcome with the vegetation that runs than the hall on the floor level. The house is formed by public and private areas divided into three main floors and half one for various services. On the ground floor a generous living and dining room