Marmorgatan 13a, Stockholm, Sweden
project image
Lo-Fi Gate
Jarfalla - finalist
“It is the purest of human pleasures”, so Francis Bacon difienes the garden and its strong importance in the daily life. A fragile enviroment where people can gather together and share passions and experiences. Parks in the swedish urban culture have a strong and central position. In the city centre are still used constantly by the population, but in suburbian areas they are weaken by new technologies and a changement in the daily life behaviors. The proposal for new gates of Järfälla Public Park are two monumental screens made of painted conrete blocks and simple bulb lamps. These real architectures welcome visitors as graphical facades which are connected and alterated by the intesity of roaming fluxes: as thermometers they react to the ammount of connections increasing the luminosity and interferate on it until a temporary black out caused by an excess of devices connected and shared information to the public wifi of the park.