Marmorgatan 13a, Stockholm, Sweden
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Meno di 31
This project, located in villa’s garden, works on the dualism beteween artificial object and natural enviroment, following a tradition of the main historical gardens. The house designed is composed by different geometrical elements which delimits and identifies in two parts: a living space opened to the park and a second one closed and more private. The building is located on a basement in concreste which uses the slope in order to create the space required for a 16 m2 storage. The ground floor is limited by a system of sliding windows which it can complitely open the space and connect it with the external spaces. The concrete staircase is painted in yellow and it works as furniture element which it divides the floor in two functional spaces and hosts all the kitchen equipments and living room’s furnitures. The second floor is devided in two rooms with a private bathroom for each. The relationship between the interiors and the garden i