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Sant'Agata Bolognese - finalist
The proposal is an iconic architecture that embodies the values of “Automobili Lamborghini” with its uncompromising geometry and sharp clean lines. By holding an instant, we tried to materialize something that is intangible: velocity. Working with this concept, and being inspired by the futurism masterpieces such as “Velocità d’automobile” by Giacomo Balla, our intention was to synthesize and rework architecturally the dynamism and aggressiveness of the characteristic design of Sant’Agata Bolognese company. The perfect proportions of Lamborghini’s supercars have been synthesized in a rectangle, and then divided into 2 equal parts, obtaining a triangular shape, the two landmark matrix. This choice was influenced by the desire to call up the key elements of the Lamborghini design through the use of cutting edge surfaces.