Via Mattia Battistini 19, Roma (RM)
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The European Spiral
Bruxelles - second prize
"Starting with the desire to emphasize the strong concept of solidarity and symbiotic development, a hypothetical common flag representing each of individual country was twisted and rolled it into a unified vision. What emerges is an incredible whirlwind of colors that appear to corkscrew in plan, section, and elevation. At night, light beams shoot out of the perforated structure in every direction, enhancing the polychromy and overall appearance of the icon. The history of 28 countries are intertwined and metaphorically evolve together towards a future where the choices of a one influence those of another. Formally, this can be seen as the folds of the spiral adapt to the needs of the next space that occurs along the sinuous path. As a result, different levels of the building are organized into functional islands that are interconnected through ramps and elevators, continuously changing the experience of the interior."