Roma - Italy
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bianco, rosso e verde
Nagasaki - first prize
The project, related to the Gardening World Cup 2016 in Nagasaki-Japan, reinterprets some typical characteristics of Italian terraces, in a contemporary way. Herbaceous perennials and small shrubs are placed in pots of different diameters and heights (for flexibility and different configurations). The planting pattern is inspired by the spontaneity of meadowland and the formality of the Italian gardens and orchards. Some local species were included to generate sense of familiarity in the audience. natural materials lining the surfaces, cannucciato, rough plaster and terracotta pots and the floor. The colors of plants and flowers are white, red and green (a reminder of the Italian flag) the rest is white or in shades of gray, so he can on the one hand enhance the vegetazioneli choices, the other to be changed or repainted in time easily.