Via Cividale 471, 33100 Udine, Italy
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Langley Vale Visitor Hub
Sited in the natural context of Langley Vale, our proposal for a new Visitor Centre is a modern, yet contextual addition to the bucolic landscape of the region, emphasising visual connections between interior and exterior whilst providing shelter and a fully functional public facility for park visitors. Constructed with layers of locally sourced, CNC-routed timber, the shell vaults provide a solid primary structure for its adjoining spaces, which are clad with a more conventional assembly of standardised stud walls. A timber rain screen wraps around the exterior of the building, protecting it from the elements whilst giving it a rich textural appearance—in many ways reminiscent of the vernacular architecture of Britain’s rural landscapes. As a result, the structure maintains a highly contextual character whilst employing cutting-edge digital fabrication methods to produce a richly layered interior.