Via Cividale 471, 33100 Udine, Italy
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Guggenheim Museum Helsinki
In order to celebrate Nordic ideals such as openness ad accessibility, and to emphasize the strong connection between the museum , the historic city and the harbor, the form and organization of the building are inspired by the mathematical model of the Klein Bottle, a non-orientable, single sided , boundary-free surface where the inner and outer faces are seamlessy interconnected – exterior becomes interior and vice versa. In other words, a container that can contain itself. The form of the building induces a strong emotional impact on the visitors, generating a sense of deep attraction, curiosity, wonder. The distinctive imploded-like funnel shape form of the façade will draw visitors towards the building, curious to see how it continues inside. As visitors move inside, the traditional Cartesian and Euclidean space is negated by the continuity between floor, walls and ceiling -all conceived as one.