via Luigi Pirandello 9
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Varna library
Varna - shortlisted
The building is a volume of light. The brise soleil fa├žade that delimits it, uniforming its stereometric surface, makes it a collector of light during the day and, illuminated by the interior lights during the night. The interior space, bordered by glass walls, is projected towards the surrounding cityscape. The complex functional program is ordered by few simple design choices: the use of a pure volumetry, a modular and flexible design, interior balconies and a large terrace: a real elevated plaza that looks at the Black Sea. The widespread transparency of the volume contrasts with the opacity of the storage, functional core of the building, guarded like a precious treasure from solid walls that occupies the intermediate levels. On the ground floor, the building is a covered extension of the square, a large urban passage, open to collective uses during all hours of the day. With Provenzano Architetti.