via Luigi Pirandello 9
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Boarding school in Malles
Malles (BZ) - first prize
The new boarding school establishes precise space relationships with the context, and to a larger scale, it opens onto the landscape towards Mount Stelvio and the Müstair Valley. A horizontal volume stands against the retaining wall along the North East boundary and it contains the level drop between the uncultivated land on the mountainside and the ground level of the lot. Transversally the lot is occupied by a "U" shaped volume, whose position is gauged in order to determine immediate and simple connections with the South East boundary lots. The construction generates three types of outdoor spaces: a public space to the South which is intended to be a park in direct relationship both with the residual agricultural land and with the school positioned to the North East; a private courtyard which all the common facilities overlook; a service area to the North which is dedicated to parking lots, and to the loading and unloading area.