via Cavour 32, Portogruaro (VE)
project image
LSH Lighthouse sea hotel
SIRACUSA - finalist
With Elena Antoniolli. The Lighthouse Sea Hotel design provides a harmonious relation with the surrounding landscape. The characteristics of the site are very important for the project strategies. Our proposal is an architecture without fa├žade, a building which is developed from the ground level downwards, to preserve the initial condition of natural "belvedere" over the sea. The main concept behind the site's position of the LSH is to working in accordance the rocky topography and to intercept the best solar exposure. The intention of this project is to disappear into the landscape by being themed down to a line which has the minimum environmental 1 impact on its surrounding. The building dialogues with the environment through a reduced geometry, through the minimum expression of a line. A platform which dialogues with the landscape. It's like a terrace with a path to look and to stay for the contemplation of the landscape.