Roma - Italy
project image
"Ad Vitam"
(with VWA architectes) The project (redevelopment of the town center in Fribourg) proposes first to unify the space from the city center through a mineral belt. It wraps around the town. In some places, in order to adapt to the terrain, it folds in the form of natural stone steps.Microtopography contributes, in turn, strengthen this unity and clarifies the spatial coherence between the different spaces created. The various constraints of practice made in relation to the structure of the vacuum and pre-existing structural facades are used to specify the prioritization and development of public spaces. Trees take a sculptural and architectural role as they carve and decorate the space. This nature mastered in the heart of town, however, does not lose its life-giving function. The wooded subjects are seasonal markers, supports biodiversity and help regulate the microclimate through a summer shade and fixation of pollutants.