Roma - Italy
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Ponti rossi park
Napoli - Ponti rossi
(with OSA architecturea e paesaggio)The intervention is part of a new housing project in a neighborhood very close to the center of Naples. The park still will remain public, thereby exerting an important connective function for the neighborhood, and will be very important part of the area destined to childhood game,directly connected to a kinder- garten. the project, having regard to the very restricted buget, in addition to the movement of the land that was adjusting to the new building intervention and to connections with the context, provided the primarily use of vegetation, mainly shrub or with small trees (given the narrow dimensions of the area available). clearly the study of the vegetation has occurred based on issues of public safety (height etc.) as well as on the basis of qualitative issues (choice of essences according to the various color seasonal, or perfumes, as well as ques- tions of form and combination of the same).