Roma - Italy
project image
Cycleway “Campordà”
Girona, Pont Major - Campordà
(whit EMF estudi Martì Franch) The project is “A federated edge” in connection with the district of Puente Mayor with the rest of the city by bike path. The new route mostly runs along the Ter river or ca- nap Aurora while appropriates other spaces and en- dowed with new uses and parks programs. it takes advantage of existing infrastructure such as service roads, changes its character by prohibiting the passage of vehicles.Creation of windows selectively cutting the understory and lower branches of the forest, the view opens at strategic points to con- nect urban area whit the river. we use also “unusual graphics” only to make unic an item such standardized as a bike path, trying to find a different type for each information we have to indicate, differentiating the way and making it more than a tool, but an experience for the users.