Roma - Italy
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Urban-Rural Park in Narni scalo.
Narni scalo - first prize
The former industrial area “ SPEA “ is redeveloped into a technology park would allow a connection between the city and its river , a greenway , through the creation of an “ urban park “. the project is divided in 3 bands. The first contains the new urbanization (university,technology hub,business incubator), which represents a visual-acoustic barriers , protecting the park from the railway and the industrial areas, In front of the new build- ings there is a linear park , mainly shrubby. In the central one, the forest is integrated and regularized,with regular and monocultural planting in order to differentiate it from existing one,The last band is the agricultural one: the fields which border the site are embedded, integrated and regularized , and then get to the new pedestrian and cycle path that runs along the river and makes, it for the first time, livable for the citizens.