via case nuove 10 sotto il monte giovanni XXIII BG
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Torre del Borgo
Villa d'Adda (Bg) - first prize
TORRE DEL BORGO Public Library Villa d'Adda, Bergamo 2015 RESTORATION PROJECT AND REUSE Torre del Borgo is one of the most famous fortified buildings in the history of Bergamo. The powerful and accurate quality of the medieval walls, the integrity of the fortified structure, the central position in the village, gives to this artifact the most complete sense of monument. The restoration project has dealt with different aspects that conditioned the conservation, the use and the valorisation of the building: the structural instability of the walls and floors, the lack of an adequate system of connection between plans, the total absence of plant networks, degradation and precariousness of internal and external stone facings, lack of windows and adequate interior finishes, on floors and walls.