Borgo del Naviglio 4 43121 Parma | Tianjin
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Office Park
The office park buildings consist of a HQ corporate office building and a series of commercial office buildings, namely a large court, two smaller courts and five linear blocks. The masterplan creates a relationship between the district’s main entrance and the emblematic HQ building, a court which is open on the side overlooking the street, thereby creating a dynamic relationship with the entrance and the YOHO square across the street. The building is made of a consistent dark louvred block with open corners, where empty spaces create pedestrian and visual connections with the context. The large court to the north is a low-density office environment closely connected with the main street by a long, linear façade marked by dynamic irregular openings. At the same time, on the lower floors, the court is open towards south and north where are located the main entrances to the inner square.