Borgo del Naviglio 4 43121 Parma | Tianjin
project image
Exhibition space
This project is related with the overall design strategy commissioned to DRAFTARCH aimed to renew the image of the sino-italian company WIND, windows and doors manufacturer. The design strategy generates from these needs and proposes four themes that feature the space: - Storia, that represents the growth of the company from its foundation until today; - Materia, that shows raw and finished materials that are used in the manufacturing process; - Tecnica, where people can experience the technology applied in the products; - Progetto, that exhibits the final product in different applications. The spatial organization of the exhibition area has been defined starting from these themes and aiming to create a series of spaces related and interconnected, visually and physically. From a spatial point of view the booth is defined by 2 horizontal surfaces, the ceiling and the floor, within which are placed the display and meeting rooms volume.