Borgo del Naviglio 4 43121 Parma | Tianjin
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Padiglione temporaneo
Noceto - selected
This temporary structure was born out of the municipality of Noceto’s desire to improve the facilities of its annual local festival through the construction of a café/bar, an exhibition space and a screening area. An old refrigerated container destined for the scrapyard, a number of wooden pallets and a few boards from abandoned construction sites take on a new form through the design: the café/bar is housed inside the container, which opens right out, and the pallets, which have been repainted and set side-by-side in modular fashion, divide the different areas of the space – the loading/unloading area, the café/bar, the exhibition space and screening area – while the construction site boards form a continuous bar that links the different parts of the design, bringing it together.