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Hainan Tower Office Interiors
Haikou - selected
The project consists in the design of common areas in an office tower in Haikou, on the Hainan Island, a province in the South of China. This region is characterized by tropical climate, bright light, strong color contrasts and warm hues ranging from ochre yellow to dark shades of brown. Our project approach is based on the search for balance between two extremely important elements: on one hand, refined work on surfaces and their tactile and material finishes; on the other, the idea that walls and ceilings must be treated as volumes that can be expanded or reduced in order to improve the perception of space. The perfect balance between these two elements can be found in the main entrance hall, where volumes and surfaces interact. The flooring and pillars coated with rosewood marble, together with the white, uniform ceiling, create a neutral frame which was used to enhance the back textured wall.