Borgo del Naviglio 4 43121 Parma | Tianjin
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Private Villa
A sloping plot for a detached house. The basis for the design was the request to construct a building on several floors that used up the plot’s building capacity. The area features a steep slope, particularly in relation to its surface area. This issue was studied and transformed into a special feature. Externally, the different levels create a boundary wall made up ​​of sections that follow on in succession and provide a functional role: the recessed entrance to the garage, pedestrian access and the carport, the perimeter walkway, the series of containers for the hedge. Inside, however, the distinct shape of the plot results in a series of spaces from the bottom up, beginning with the intermediary space of the basement, up to the ground floor with its large open plan living area and ending at the double-height space, which opens out onto the sleeping area.